Green Initiatives

Addressing Present-Day Client Needs with an Eye on the Future

green-initiativesAs a responsible transportation partner, Galaxy Transport is committed to protecting our environment while simultaneously serving the needs of our clients.  We recognize that the ground transportation industry, while playing a vital role in present-day commerce and the economy as a whole, must also look ahead to the future in terms of managing our resources and guarding against harmful effects on ecosystems and their environments.

We accomplish this through adherence to a number of green initiatives that are designed to protect and sustain the environment rather than deplete its resources and adversely affect the balance of nature.

In more specific terms, these initiatives are targeted primary at fuel economy and reducing emissions:

  • using auxiliary power generators – to keep trailers heated/cooled when sitting at rest
  • abiding by anti-idling policies
  • respecting posted speed limits – different in some areas for trucks versus cars
  • installation of aerodynamic side-skirts to improve fuel efficiency/economy
  • tire maintenance – regular monitoring of alignment and proper tire pressure

Furthermore, such initiatives may be mandated by local, provincial, or state authorities and their precise requirements could differ slightly from one jurisdiction to another.  Our drivers fully respect and comply with these initiatives throughout each segment of their particular routes, giving you the assurance and peace of mind that the delivery of your goods will not be affected by unnecessary delays.

Galaxy Transport: Your freight. Our trucks. One common goal.

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