High-Value and Sensitive Goods

We Take Special Precautions to Protect Delicate and High-Value Cargo

high-value-sensitive-goodsSimply by their definition, high-value and sensitive goods are the types of merchandise that require some degree of special consideration and handling during all phases of the delivery process – loading, in transit, and off-loading.

We recognize the importance of securing and protecting every shipment that is entrusted to Galaxy Transport, and we apply exceptional care and extra precautions for shipments that contain delicate components and/or have high-value price tags.

These steps include:

  • extra padding to secure the load
  • special attention to weight distribution to prevent load shifting
  • stable and ambient temperature control if/as required
  • appropriate ventilation measures

Similar to our approach with temperature-sensitive and standard freight cargo, we welcome clients with the need for safe transportation and delivery of high-value and sensitive goods.

Whether your business relies on:


or most any other form of high-value and/or sensitive goods, Galaxy Transport can meet your ground transportation needs.  We are committed to your complete satisfaction and we look forward to an opportunity to demonstrate this commitment and to earn your trust and confidence.

Galaxy Transport: Your freight. Our trucks. One common goal.

You can trust Galaxy Transport to treat your sensitive and high-value goods with delicate care and attention.  Call Galaxy Transport today at either 905-456-9416 or toll-free at 1-800-551-8793 or contact us to discuss the specific shipping and handling requirements for your distinctive goods.  You will not be disappointed!

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